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With winter comes the new year, and that brings new beginnings! Since winter is the best season to paint your home’s interior, now is the time to start picking out some fresh new colors for your next home project. Colors are seasonally universal, but there are some that look best highlighted by the winter sunlight. Here are some top winter colors to choose from for your next home painting project.

Classic Neutrals

Benjamin Moore just announced that their 2019 Color of the Year is Metropolitan AF-690, a serene yet stylish gray. To accompany this color, they suggest a palette of other light neutrals and cool pastels. Neutrals are a classic choice, since they compliment pretty much any décor or furnishings you can fill your room with. Switch it up by playing with undertones – for example, you can go with Metropolitan or choose a deep, warm gray such as Duxbury Gray HC-163 to add depth to your room.

Jewel-Toned Colors

Jewel-toned colors are the secret behind many winter palettes. Colors such as deep reds, teals and purples add a regal feel and atmosphere to any room. They also have the effect of making your room look warm and welcoming, which is perfect if you’re having guests over for the holidays. Colors such as Ruby Red 2001-10, Emerald Isle 2039-20, and Amethyst Sky 1447 reflect the gorgeous jewels they’re inspired by, and will make your home look both fashionable and fresh.

Warm Colors

Delve deeper than jewel-toned colors and opt for even warmer tones for your next interior painting project. These colors will look vibrant in the daytime when sunlight pours in through the window and add extra warmth in the evenings to go with your lighting. In addition, warm colors stimulate adrenaline and create energy, which is perfect for those holiday parties you will be throwing this winter. Go with bold primary colors such as Vermilion Red 2002-10, Peppermint Leaf 2033-20, and Citron 2024-30, and pair them with neutral accent colors to take some of the heat off.

Nautical Colors

You can bring back a hint of summer by painting your room with beach and sea-inspired colors. Try either warm or blue colors, such as Dark Teal 2053-20 or Smoke 2122-40, along with light grays and whites such as Soft Chamois OC-13, Sandy White 2148-50 or Balboa Mist OC27. These subtle tones will make your room look as appealing as a winter stroll along the shoreline. However, you don’t have to use just blues and greys! Colors such as the earthy yellow Wasabi AF-430, warm beige Lenox Tan HC-44 and even a rich red like Caliente AF-290 (which happened to be last year’s Color of the Year) will help you remember hot sunny summers during this cold season.

Interior Paint in Pennsylvania

This winter, you have the freedom to totally redo your home’s color palette and make it fresh and new! Gleco Paint Stores has a wide selection of interior paints to choose from for your next painting adventure. We offer the top name brands in paints and in store decorating consultations to help you decide which colors would look best in your home! Contact us or visit one of our paint store locations to begin your winter painting project today!

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