Zinsser Branded Products at Gleco Paint Stores

Who is Zinsser?

The company Zinsser was founded in 1849 with the three main principles of innovation, dedication to quality, and problem-solving, which they still follow today. Zinsser has become North America’s leading manufacturer of high-performance paint, primers, wall covering products, specialty paints, and shellac-base finishes. Zinsser products are used by all and address the needs of the consumer, professional, and commercial markets. Zinsser products are sold in more than 70,000 home centers, hardware stores, and paint and decorating stores including Gleco Paint Stores. Zinsser high-quality products are used by millions of professionals and “DIYer” across the nation.

Zinsser Primers

The most underrated painter tool is the primer. A high quality primer is a superb problem solver that acts less like paint and more like glue when being applied. A primer performs by sticking to the surface you are prepping and ultimately resulting in a smoother finish. Applying a high-quality primer before painting can be beneficial for you and the wall your painting in the long run. A primer can make your paint appear more high quality and last longer. Before you start priming, consider the surface you want to paint. There are a variety of different types of primers for different surfaces such as wood or drywall. Using primer is essential for achieving professional paint results.

Zinsser Wallpaper Removal Products

Most people think of removing wallpaper as being an impossible, torturous, unbearable task. Now there are helpful products to make this much easier for you. Get rid of your dated wallpaper easily with a variety of Zinsser’s wallpaper removal products. With Zinsser, wallpaper removal has never been simpler. Liquid and gel strippers, scoring and scraping tools eliminate time-consuming and messy steps in removing old wallpaper and stubborn glue. These products are a must when taking on the job of wallpaper removal. No need to worry – Zinsser wall covering removal products are available at Gleco Paint Stores near you!

High-Quality Zinsser Products at Gleco Paint Stores

Get all the Zinsser products you need at Gleco Paint Stores. At Gleco Paint Store, we have the largest variety of paint and decorating supplies at three convenient locations across Pennsylvania – Pocono, Scranton, and Easton, PA. We offer our customers the best quality in painting equipment and have extensive knowledge to help you with all your paint projects, big or small! Contact us or visit us today to shop all our high-quality paint tools and supplies.

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