Wooster Brush at Gleco Paint Stores

Who is the Wooster Brush Company?

The Wooster Brush Company is one of the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the United States, established in 1851. Wooster transformed the paint industry by developing new products. They were the first to introduce synthetic fabric roller covers, popular paint brush styles, and many more trailblazing innovations. Today, Wooster is known as the best applicator trendsetter. Wooster, each year designs more products than any other high-quality applicator manufacturer. That’s why, at Gleco Paint Stores, we’re proud to sell Wooster products.

Wooster Paint Brushes

A Wooster paintbrush is the most essential tool when completing all painting projects. Investing in high-quality paint brushes and equipment is necessary when striving for a professional feel. An exceptional paintbrush from Wooster will alleviate the stress of worrying if bristles will shed off into the paint.

Depending on the paint job you are completing, there are different classifications of paint brush sizes and shapes. Try and find a paintbrush that is multipurpose or adaptable for all painting projects and comfortable enough to hold for a prolonged time. With purchasing a high quality, Wooster paint brush at Gleco, you’ll be able to find the brush that best suits your needs.

Wooster Paint Rollers

Investing in high quality paint rollers is crucial when applying paint in order to achieve the best results for your project. Wooster paint rollers are perfect for painting large surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, and are offered in an array of fabrics, lengths, and materials. To get the best results, you want to select a paint roller cover that is well suited for the surface consistency you are painting. Wooster offers high-quality covers at Gleco Paint Stores that are made of natural synthetic fibers that won’t shed into your paint. Not only does Wooster paint roller covers not shed, but they’ll also get the job done faster since they are capable to hold more paint than others!

Buy Wooster Brushes in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for a Wooster brush or roller, stop at one of our three convenient paint stores near you located in Pocono, Scranton and Easton, Pennsylvania. You’ll find all the painting and decorating sundries  you need at any of our Gleco Paint Stores. We have the largest selection of in-stock paint and decorating supplies to help you complete any project. Contact us or visit us today to stock up on Wooster supplies and a variety of sundries.

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