ALLPRO Branded Products at Gleco Paint Stores

What is ALLPRO?

ALLPRO was established in 1960 with the mission of “providing their members with a distinct competitive advantage in today’s marketplace by seeking out only those programs and initiatives that will help improve the operations, market position and profitability of our member companies.” ALLPRO operates throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and segments of Europe. They are a collaboration of networks of independently-owned paint and decorating sellers and Gleco Paint Stores is proud to provide ALLPRO products to our customers.

Essential Paint Products

ALLPRO supplies and tools are hand-chosen from the top manufacturers in the paint business. They offer a high-quality assortment of sundries to help you get all your painting projects done effortlessly and efficiently. Some of the essentials you’ll need for the best paint job possible include:

Blue Tape

Purchasing high-quality blue tape for your paint project is crucial.  You do not want to waste all your time and effort and not be happy with your results. Proper taping techniques will leave you with a cleaner paint job and crisp lines, no matter what room you are painting. Low-quality blue tape can permit air bubbles and allow the paint to leak, which can wreck your hard work, floors, rugs or other surfaces. Superior blue tape from ALLPRO clings to the surface, leaving clean lines between painted areas. This is especially important for painting around molding in any room in your home.

Paint Brushes

When it comes to paintbrushes, one size does not fit all. Pick a paintbrush that fits your paint project- you can find them in an array of sizes, shapes and materials. For acrylic painting, you can use both firm bristle brushes and synthetic brushes. Some firmer brushes might leave noticeable marks on the paint and create more textural outcomes. Something important to note is that the number on the side of the paintbrush indicates the thickness, length, or width of the bristles- the number varies between manufacturers. ALLPRO offers brushes in a variety of styles, so at Gleco Paint Stores, you’ll be able to find the perfect brush for your next project.

Paint Rollers

A high-quality paint roller and the right technique are key to an impressive outcome. A poor quality roller could produce streaks and skips on the surface you are painting. Also, it can shed fibers as you work, which will disrupt the consistency of your final product. Therefore, the rollers might be the most important factor when completing your task- be sure that you get a high-quality roller!

ALLPRO Retailer in Pennsylvania

When you’re looking for the best quality painting equipment and expert advice for your next painting project, look no further than Gleco Paint Stores. We offer ALLPRO products and sundries at our three convenient locations in Mt. Pocono, Scranton, and Easton. Gleco Paint Stores has the largest selection of in-stock paint and decorating supplies to help you complete any project. To learn more and to stock up on quality painting supplies, contact us or visit us today!

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