3M Branded Products at Gleco Paint Stores

Who is 3M?

In 1902, 3M was established as a humble mining operation in Minnesota and was then known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, founded on the basis of innovation and collaboration. Since the initial years of 3M, the company has effectively built itself from the ground up, and today 3M offers over 60,000 products commonly used in homes, schools and a variety of industries nationwide. At Gleco Paint Stores, we are proud to supply products produced by this Fortune 500 company.

3M Paint Products

3M paint products are guaranteed to ensure top quality results for every paint project. Their extensive line of consumer products is noted for “Transforming Spaces. Improving lives. Expanding possibilities.” The essential 3M products necessary for your next painting project include:

Paint Spray Equipment

At each of our Gleco Paint Stores locations, we are confident in our selection of 3M paint spray equipment, guaranteed to assist you with revitalizing any space. With numerous respirator masks and eyewear products, 3M is dedicated to keeping you protected throughout your project. Easily cover any area with the 3M Accuspray™ HGP Spray Gun Kit, which features two 1.8 mm and two 2.0 mm atomizing heads, as well as an airflow control valve. Use this product with 3M PPS™ Type H/O Pressure Cups for a more consistent application.

Masking Products

While we do offer several types of masking tape to help you with your home improvement projects, each of our Gleco Paint Stores locations offers additional helpful masking products, such as the 3M ™ Hand-Masker Advanced Masking Film, available in a variety of sizes for your convenience. For your next painting project, also try 3M Scotchblok™ Masking Paper or Overspray Masking Liquid. Ask our Gleco store representatives how convenient 3M masking products can help save you time and energy as you prepare for your next room makeover.

Home Improvement Products

At each of our locations in Pennsylvania, we offer a variety of 3M products perfect for helping you prepare any room to be finished off with a fresh coat of paint. For your convenience, we offer 3M Pro-Pak™ Drywall Sanding Sheets and Dust Channeling Sponges, as well as 3M Respirators for larger, messier projects. At Gleco, we also supply a variety of 3M Handmasker Tools, and even 3M Large Hole Wall Repair Kits. Check out 3M LeadCheck Swabs to ensure the quality of safety in your newly decorated space.

3M Retailer in Pennsylvania

Before beginning your next painting project, get some help from the experts at Gleco! With a wide selection of 3M products and sundries, our locations in Mt. Pocono, Scranton, and Easton, PA are equipped with all the quality materials you will need to efficiently complete your project with the best results. For more information about our 3M product offerings, contact one of our Gleco stores or visit us today! We can’t wait to work with you.

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