About Olympic Stains

Olympic has been a trusted paint in American homes since 1938. Offering a wide selection of paints and stains, Olympic is known for its extraordinarily high-quality products that create gorgeous finished looks.

At Gleco Paint, we only carry the highest-quality products, which is why we are so pleased to offer Olympic Stains to our valued customers in need of a dependable stain product. Olympic stains vary in color in order to provide each customer with the level of coverage they need for their wood-staining project. Below are the levels of transparency available from Olympic Stains, all of which come in a variety of colors to best suit your needs.



Clear stain is ideal for those looking to completely preserve the integrity of natural wood. This stain will not “stain” your wood. Instead, it provides a tight, smooth seal to protect against weather events, while still showing the maximum amount of wood grain. It is important to note that while a clear coat will make the wood look its most natural color, it will not offer the same level of protection as our other stain products.


The next step up from clear stain is transparent. Olympic transparent stain offers a very slight color to the wood, an excellent idea for rejuvenating the wood without losing its original color. There is a wide range of transparent colors to choose from, in order to best bring out the natural color of the wood.


Semi-transparent stain is going to show a bit more color than the transparent level of Olympic Transparent stain. However, with a semi-transparent stain, you will still be able to see some of the wood grain and texture through the stain. This option also offers a stronger level of protection against water and mildew.


Semi-solid Olympic Stain is very similar to the semi-transparent stain, offering similar color and coverage. The difference with semi-solid stain is that this product mostly will hide the wood grain. The stain will not be as opaque as the solid level of transparency, yet will provide the most coverage of the wood grain.


The Olympic Solid Stain is ideal for those looking to achieve a rich, opaque color for their wood, while still being able to see the natural wood grain. Many of the solid stains by Olympic come in over 140 colors, allowing this stain to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Where to Buy Olympic Stain Products in Pennsylvania

If you are looking for a diverse, high-quality wood stain in Pennsylvania, be sure to ask us about Olympic Stain. Find the Gleco Paint store nearest you for access to our paint and stain professionals, and complete guidance for your next project. Contact us today to speak to a representative!