About Coronado Maxum Stain

Coronado Paints are known for providing exceptional value and an ability to weather the storm. These paints are formulated using an advanced waterborne alkyd to combine the penetrating performance of a solvent-borne alkyd, with the ease of a waterborne system.

Coronado Maxum Stain is a “Wet Wood Friendly” stain, meaning your project can be completed quickly. It also has a low-temperature cure, which allows for application in near-freezing temperatures – perfect if you need a project completed any time of the year. Coronado Maxum Stain comes in a variety of colors and finishes to meet everyone’s needs.

At Gleco Paint, we proudly offer the full line of Coronado Maxum Stain to ensure several options for our customers. As part of our commitment to only sell the highest-quality paints and stains on the market, we at Gleco Paint are pleased to offer Coronado Maxum Stain. Below are the Coronado Maxum Exterior Stains we carry at Gleco Paint, perfect for a variety of outdoor wood projects

Solid Acrylic Latex Color Siding Stain

This acrylic latex siding stain provides a solid colored stain (available in several colors) and a durable finish.

Solid 100% Acrylic Color Deck Stain

If you have a deck out back that could use some attention, the solid 100% acrylic deck stain by Coronado is durable enough to withstand and protect against heavy traffic. This stain provides a “rugged” finish.

Semi-Transparent Waterborne Alkyd Deck & Siding Stain

This waterborne stain penetrates deep into the wood while adding some color pigmentation. Even better – this product can be utilized on wet wood and in near-freezing temperatures to revitalize your wood and protect it!

Translucent Waterborne Alkyd Deck & Siding Stain

This stain is the same as the semi-transparent version of this stain, except it will provide a completely translucent appearance. This is optimal for those wishing to keep the integrity of the grain and color of their wood while also protecting it.

Semi-Transparent Alkyd Deck & Siding Stain

This stain saturates deep into wood fibers to revitalize and replenish old and tired wood. This semi-transparent stain is ideal for keeping the natural look of the wood, while achieving a smooth and fresh look.

Translucent Alkyd Deck & Siding Stain

This is the same type of stain as its counterpart, the semi-transparent version, except this has a clear, translucent finish for those that do not want to change the color of their wood.

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