High-Quality Paint Brands Near You

Determining the perfect paint is an important decision whether for residential or commercial purposes. You’ll want your choice of paint to be worth the purchase in terms of the product’s overall durability and practical function. Gleco Paint carries high-quality paint brands that are designed to perform for whatever project you need to complete. Gleco Paint experts can guide you to the proper coating. Below is a list of the premium paints we offer at our three Pennsylvania paint store locations.

Interior Paint

The feel of your home or office is determined by multiple factors with paint choice being at the height of importance. The right interior paint can bring any room to life and Gleco Paint is ready to help you make the right choice that you’ll be happy with. We provide a broad range of premium interior paint brands and primers.

Exterior Paint

While re-decorating the interior of your home, don’t forget about how your house looks on the outside! Gleco Paint provides homeowners and contractors with high-quality exterior paint brands in Pennsylvania to elevate their curb-appeal. The choice of exterior design and color scheme shows the outside world what defines your taste and the care you have for your home. Begin your home makeover at Gleco Paint with paints and primers that offer superior performance, easy application, and long lasting beauty.

Industrial Coatings

Paint isn’t exclusively utilized for homes and business office spaces. There are a large range of diverse needs in the industrial and commercial markets where the right coating can make the biggest difference. Gleco Paint also offers industrial coatings for corporations to optimize their equipment with lasting protection from the elements and operational activities. We provide Pennsylvania industries with a comprehensive solution to safeguard their factory or plant surfaces and machinery. Gleco Paint stocks high-performance brands with the most efficient heat, corrosion, anti-condensation and chemical preservation characteristics.

Masonry and Floor Coating

Gleco Paint also offers customers an extensive supply of masonry and floor coatings in Pennsylvania. These premium paints provide the ultimate durability with the most reliable waterproof, impact resistant, and anti-abrasion properties. These coatings are fast drying, applicable to any surface, and offer top-tier color retention to make those tough jobs less troublesome. Come in to one of our three Gleco Paint locations to learn which products are right for your project.

Miscellaneous Paint Products

Certain jobs call for highly specified materials to successfully carry out the task. Gleco Paint provides Pennsylvania residents and businesses with miscellaneous paint products to perform specialty assignments. These products include but aren’t limited to swimming pool paint, field marking paint and fire retardant paints.

Paint Specialists in Pennsylvania

Selecting the right paint makes the biggest difference both in the look and performance throughout various business operations. Visit the paint specialist at Gleco Paint before you begin your next project. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding paint equipment, decorating or paint advice. We’ll be glad to help with all of your paint needs and assist in providing you with superior paint brands in Pennsylvania.

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