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Gather the Right Painting Equipment and Tools

Don’t dive into painting your windows too fast. This is an intricate process that requires a lot of preparation. If you rush any painting job, the outcome could appear as unrefined or unfinished. Supplies that are a necessity for this task is a drop cloth or plastic sheet to protect your floors, blue tape to make clean lines, and high-quality brushes. So, make sure you have the right equipment, tools, supplies to do the job right.

Remove Old Trim

Before you repaint your windows, make sure to scrape off any old paint from your window trim over your drop cloth. Any remaining loose paint will cause the new paint coat to peel. After getting rid of old paint, your next step is to remove hardened caulking, which is the semisolid sealant that blocks the seams between the trim boards. If you are lucky enough to have a new window installed – then you don’t have to complete the previous steps!

Sand Surface and Caulk Seams

Once the caulking and any loose paint is removed, go ahead and wipe down the trim. It’s crucial to eliminate all of the dust and dirt before painting. After you’ve wiped everything down, your next step is to sand, which helps fine-tune the surface to make your paint go on smoothly. Once sanding is complete, the last step is to apply new caulk to the seams.

Paint Your Windows

It’s finally time to paint your windows! Place blue painters tape along the window trim to help create clean lines. Apply one to two coats of paint for a sturdy finish, painting the inside sections and then parts of the trim that face the room. Once the paint is dry – start applying the next coat of paint. For any unfinished trim, you’ll need to paint a coat of primer before you start. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, remove the painter’s tape from the window. Do not try to remove it if there is any wet paint still.

Paint and Window Paint Supplies at Gleco Paint Stores

At Gleco Paint, we’re here to make sure your painting project goes smoothly. We’ll help you get the job done with our expert advice and a large selection of paint and supplies. Contact us  or visit one of our locations today for more information or to pick up any paint or decorating supplies you may need.

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