Light-Diffusing Sheers & Shading for Your Home

Just like other types of window coverings, sheers and shadings transform natural light to illuminate and protect your home. These light-diffusing materials will create an impenetrable privacy screen while allowing your preferred amount of light inside. Gleco Paint provides many Hunter Douglas sheer and shading options with built-in UV protection. These coverings will protect you and your valuable possessions from damage due to the over-exposure of sunlight.

Types of Hunter Douglas Sheers & Shadings

Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings are proudly manufactured in the U.S. to ensure the highest quality and performance for your home. The fabrics and components used to create Hunter Douglas products are comprised of only the most ethical and genuine materials for the utmost value and durability. Gleco Paint carries the following Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings available to order at our store and install in your home.


Hunter Douglas’ Silhouette product line is a cordless and tapeless window shade that gives the illusion of seamlessly floating sheers. The sheers allow a designated amount of light into your home while blocking an inward view.


The horizontal fabrics of the Pirouette shades are held together by a single sheer backing and promote a high-level of privacy. You’re able to maintain a view of the outside – without reverse sight into your home. Pirouette has striking designs available to optimize your home’s décor and UV protection.


Finding light control and privacy covers for wide windows and large sliding doors may be difficult to find or afford. The Luminette line by Hunter Douglas is the perfect drapery to illuminate your room while keeping your home interior private.

Operating Systems & Specialty Shapes

Hunter Douglas’ sheers and shadings can be fashioned in a variety of shapes and operating systems. Silhouette, Pirouette, and Luminette lines can adapt and fit to any of your interior preferences. The shape of the sheers ultimately comes down to homeowner choice and available space, however the following operating systems are available to eliminate manual use.

  • PowerView

  • LiteRise

  • UltraGlide

  • EasyRise

  • Duolite

  • Wand Control

  • Cord Control

  • Wand / Cord Control Combo

Hunter Douglas Sheers & Shadings Near You

Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings create beautiful effects with natural diffused light for your home. The extensive line of Hunter Douglas products available at Gleco Paint allows our customers a choice amongst the best on the market. Contact Gleco Paint to learn more about Hunter Douglas and how sheers and shadings can improve your home. Our knowledgeable decorating and equipment staff will help you throughout the window cover consideration and purchase process.