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Whether you are a contractor working for a homeowner or a homeowner hiring a contractor, there are certain expectations that should be addressed.

Prior to starting the work, a cut-off date should be set for finalizing the color, finish and exact content of the work to be done. Special instructions on the following:

  • Where to store furniture
  • Washroom facilities
  • Areas for clean-up, storage of equipment and garbage disposal
  • Restricted areas
  • Pets
  • Procedures for entry and lock-up
  • The contractor should arrive on time, especially on the first day, and introduce any other crew members to the homeowner
  • The contractor should conduct a final walk-through with the homeowner to confirm what is being done
  • Explain the process for any changes
  • Advise the homeowner of the timing, daily start and end times for the crew and the planned ending date
  • Contractor should provide the homeowner with contact information for himself and a foreman or job manager

In addition, contractors should follow safety procedures with open solvents, ladders and scaffolding and power equipment. At the end of the day, all equipment and supplies should be secured away from children and pets.

Contractors should use protective covering at all times and completely clean-up at the end of each work day.

Crew should be presentable and clean, language quiet and proper and  music kept down with no improper lyrics.

In addition, manager should check on the work being done daily, update the homeowner daily on progress, address any concerns and respond promptly to any calls or e-mails preferably responding within an hour of receipt.

With the use of these common courtesies on both the part of the homeowner and the contractor both sides will experience a rewarding outcome.

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